The iPhone 6C is back into rumor mills with Digitimes believes that Apple is preparing an exit from the polycarbonate unit in the second quarter of 2016. If Apple has accustomed us to fall for discover its new iPhone, we remind you that the iPhone 3GS and 4 have been created during the month June – so everything is possible!

Moreover, Digitimes talking an iPhone 6C with a new processor engraved in 14/16 nm FinFET whose production would be provided by TSMC and Samsung. This allows finer engraving particularly benefit from strong performance while consuming less energy. He also said that the screen is a 4 inch to remain in the same tariff optics – that attract the world at Apple cheaply.

You’ll understand this iPhone 6C would replace the current iPhone 5C which starts to get old. Indeed, the smartphone that has the same components as the iPhone 5, which is in fact a bit outdated in view of the qi is done at present.

If Apple indeed plans to release its iPhone 6C in the second quarter 2016, he would win against the competition that has not stopped many smartphones out in the same year – where the California firm simply two iPhone.

While these rumors are obviously to take a step back – especially as Digitimes is not always very knowledgeable on the subject. [Source: DigiTimes]

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