iPhone 6c To Have A Bigger Battery Than The iPhone 5s



The Chinese website My Drivers reveals the characteristics of the future iPhone 6c. The 4-inch smartphone headed benefit from technical features to rival the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6c is no longer a rumor. The little brother of the iPhone 5c should be unveiled at the keynote of March 2016 together with the Apple Watch 2. Today, the Chinese website My Drivers today presented a report detailing the technical features of the device . Thus, the iPhone 6c will have an A9 processor  with 2GB of RAM. As the iPhone 6, it will also welcome the Touch ID technology and curved glass 2,5d for the screen.

In addition, its battery will offer a capacity of 1642 mAh. Its range is therefore higher than that of the iPhone 5s with 1570 mAh battery. Production is expected to begin in January, before the announcement in March and likely commercialization in April. This 6c iPhone should have the advantage of being cheaper and smaller.  (Source: MyDrivers [Google Translate])

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