There are only 10 days left until first users to get their hands on an iPhone or 6s and iPhone 6s Plus featuring the 3D Touch, something good will come to us that we can not buy them to see if it’s all so helpful and simple as that or have a problem that worth waiting a while. Anyway, although comparisons are odious, and can compare the iPhone 6s with other smartphones, as the two top of the range Samsung, the Moto X Style or Nexus 6.

It should not surprise anyone that in such comparisons, the bitten apple smartphone lose out, but it’s something we’re used to. Good hardware also needs other things so that everything runs smoothly and there is nothing much to tell. Rather provide specs of these titans and you draw your own conclusions.

Until the first benchmarks are not made can not know exactly how many cores has the A9 Processor Plus iPhone 6s and 6s, nor be sure of their clock speed. What we do know is because they have 2GB of RAM and that the iPhone 6s battery is 1715mAh, but although expected, is not confirmed 100% that the iPhone 6s Plus battery is 2750mAh.


From the above list, seems less in Touch ID and the 3D Touch, both the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus lose out on everything. Although, well, this has always been so: on paper, the iPhone is always lower. Then, in everyday use, things will not go so badly Apple smartphones, right?

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