The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus received a better camera: the first time the devices is able to film videos in 4K and save it with any image for short film sequences. But not everything that is: First tests now show that even the quality of the recordings compared to its predecessors iPhone 6 and iPhone has risen 6 Plus significantly.

Especially the quality of Selfies should be thanks to the new 5 MP front camera along with increased retinal flash as MobileSyrup demonstrated in a test. Because the iPhone has 6s no flash on the front, the device simply uses the screen to illuminate the scene concerned. Although it works quite well impacted by the colors naturally cooler.

Image quality almost like SLR cameras

The iPhone 6s takes pictures in high resolution and largely unaltered, as stated time. Other Smartphones try photos when recording using the image processor, which is why colors look there sometimes even without manual post something.

In addition, the testers like the rapid operational readiness: So there is hardly trigger delays in snapping photos, which comes into play particularly in snapshots. Also a feature that distinguishes the iPhone alone 6s Plus, ask the auditor out: An optical image stabilizer eliminates camera shake in pictures and ensures smooth panning when shooting video. When in the iPhone 6 Plus, the Image Stabilizer turned on added only single shots, which is entirely absent in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models.

Overall scores the camera of the new iPhone 6s apparently not only with more megapixels, 4K video recordings and live pictures, but also like a faster processing and good recording quality – especially in Selfies. Starting September 25, it will easier for everbody to test out the quality of the cameras when the release of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus takes place.(via 9to5Mac)

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