The A9 chip offers excellent performance: As new benchmarks of iPhone 6s, which is built-up chip is clearly superior to its predecessors A7 and A8X in terms of performance. The A7 comes in iPad Mini 3 is used, which A8X drives the iPad Air 2 at.

A buyer of iPhone 6s from San Diego has apparently already received your copy of the new Apple smartphone – and published at the request of Twitter users benchmarks of the device, 9to5Mac reported. Accordingly, the smart phone cuts off both the single and the multi-core test more than just good.

First impression of the iPhone 6s

In single-core test, the iPhone 6s should therefore be arrived at Geekbench on the value of 2419 points, whereby it allows the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. When multi-core test, the smartphone even reached 4795 points. In another test, the single-core benchmark showed 2391 points, while the unit in multi-core test scored even 4806 points.

As a reminder, the built-in iPhone 6s A9 chip features as its predecessor only two cores that are each operating at 1.8 GHz clock. As memory available in iPhone 6s 2 GB. While benchmarks provide any reliable information about the actual processing speed of a device in everyday use, but they give a general impression of the performance of a smartphone or tablet. How does the iPhone 6s beats in daily use, a practical test after the release on September 25 will only show.

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