iPhone 6s Camera Comparison To Previous Generation iPhone

iPhone 6s Camera Comparison To Previous Generation iPhone

As every year, the new iPhone are compared to the oldest – and one can see at a glance the progress Apple has been able to do on his camera. This is the case today with a new image comparison proposed by Lisa Bettany, co-founder of the excellent application Camera +.

In the photo comparison, we see several shots taken from an original iPhone to the iPhone 6s. We see the evolution of the quality that is indisputable. Gradually, year by year, photographs offer superior quality with more details. This will also see that the iPhone is really the moose picks – and yet we were happy at the time.


The details are even more visible in this shot of colored pencils. If pictures really become clearer from the 4S, the iPhone 6s provides more details on the whole image (bottom to top) – which is not the case, even with the iPhone 6.

Macro detail
Low light


No doubt Apple wants its iPhone remain in the pack of the best cameraphone market but competition to the respondent – what we said yesterday in this post: iPhone 6s More: A point on the 12 MP camera, and some examples with our photos.

The 12 megapixel iPhone 6s / 6s Plus OIS allow to have real improvements – ditto for the FaceTime camera is from 1.2 MP to 5 MP, which is a real leap forward compared to other years.(Source: SnapSnapSnap)

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