Rumors of 12 megapixel sensor for iPhone 6s is back. 9to5Mac got a wind of highly enticing information as they announce the arrival of a much more powerful than the current camera 8 MP, which dates from the iPhone 4S with some improvements between.

If Apple has indeed made adjustments on his camera in recent years, it has, however, increasing the number of megapixels. Well, the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s while two more could be equipped with sensors that famous 12 MP which would also be accompanied by a DSP for reducing noise on the picture – very useful when taking pictures in dark middle .

In addition to providing a running camera, Apple would have also thought ‘finally’ to allow recording 4k! Hopefully, the videos offer a true quality of this kind, not the pretense. It is not said that the 60 frames / s or of the part.

In terms of facial camera, the site evokes a sensor capable of shooting 720p slow motion and would be accompanied by an LED flash. It remains to know how many megapixels we reserve the Apple FaceTime camera.

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