iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s


While the iPhone 6S is expected in two months from now,  Nowhereelse revealed new images of detailed components. If outside, the next generation iPhone should not have big changes, the interior would undergo some adjustments.

We actually found that the flex cable iPhone 6S is different from the current iPhone 6 – instead of being in two parts, there is more than one. Apple seems to have strengthened the Power button that appears much larger on the tablecloth of the iPhone 6s.

Otherwise, Apple apparently has not made any specific changes as you can see in the picture below Lightning connector, and microphone jack.


A final image reveals that the ring of the camera would be the same, ie protruding. This is also a problem in the eyes of many users who would prefer to find a good flat back to avoid the wobbly effect when the iPhone are placed on a table or other flat surfaces.


Nothing revolutionary here, but much rumored iPhone 6S will still entitled to a nice refreshment with: a new A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 12 megapixel sensor, an aluminum hull 7000, a Qualcomm LTE modem more rapid and more. However, one should not expect the Force Touch[via Nowhereelse]

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