9to5Mac claims to have specs of what is supposed to be the iPhone 6s, following the recent confirmation that the design of this device is almost the same as the current model and the new iPhone will have LTE chip that will ensure faster connection speeds, thus achieving autonomy improve next phone from Apple.

Besides this, now come new details about the hardware and according to the new report, the more we have to take into account so far, refers to the arrival of the iPhone 6s with a gifted Force Touch screen technology, this will allow users can run other commands that will be based on the user to apply pressure to the device’s screen, something that has been talked about, but the important developments are also related to the possible new NFC chip and flash memory, which will be available from 16GB.


New and optimized NFC processor

First of all it is important to note that, with regard to the design and yet keep the same way the iPhone 6s should be more than 0.13 mm thick compared to the iPhone 6, a difference that is barely perceptible by the human eye.

IPhone 6s also should include an NFC chip made by NXP and which will be labeled 66VP2, which would become the next model with respect to which it has been integrated in the iPhone 6. Despite the novelty, not yet knows what will be the new properties included by Apple in this new chip compared to the current generation, however it is very likely to be able to offer a higher degree of security.

The guys at the California firm should use fewer chips in their next smartphone, this way they would limit the overall dimensions of the logic board. A section of the plate before had 10 components, only now has the top 3. The arrival of these smaller chip result in a more streamlined logic board, but without sacrificing its various features and power. Apple should start soon to confirm which are producing their next chip for audio, wireless, accelerometer and gyroscope.

In addition to these new hardware, it also talks about memory. A few weeks ago it was rumored that the iPhone 6s come with 32 GB base model, however this report comes to deny this possibility.

It seems that Apple is ready to re-launch the next 6s iPhone with 16 GB base model with models of 64 GB and 128 GB. This time the flash memory iPhone 6s should be produced by Toshiba using a 19nm manufacturing process. This decision to stick with a 16GB model should be related to the arrival of iOS 9, an operating system that is much lighter than the current iOS in August.

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