iPhone 6s Plus Speed Test Against Galaxy S7 Edge



There is an interesting video would compare the two top of the range, Apple and Samsung, iPhone 6s Plus with 2GB of RAM and Galaxy S7 with 4GB of RAM but this time who will win? Find out in the comparative below.

In fact comparative occurs not only between the two above models but also between Moto X Pure Edition and Google Nexus 6P, both models released in 2015.
All four smartphones come with different internal specifications with each other and in this video you will try to distinguish what is the best among the four.

Each device will be stock, or as it stands out of the box, it app in an app and so less. At the time of opening and closing test of the app you can immediately notice that the iPhone 6s Plus A9 chip is the fastest among smartphones. The video tested the speed between the Galaxy S7 edge Nexus 6P iPhone 6S Plus Moto X Pure

The end result? iPhone 6s Plus is able to open and close all apps in one minute forty-two seconds, second place was the Galaxy S7 Edge with eighteen seconds longer than the iPhone. Nexus 6P and Moto X Pure Edition, both with Android, SFOR two minutes, respectively, two minutes and two seconds and two minutes and sixteen seconds. The iPhone 6s Plus despite being shipped with less RAM and a CPU with lower specifications than the other smartphone can keep up with.

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