iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy S6 + Edge: front facing cameras [photos]


One of the most important news arriving by the iPhone 6s is the increase in number of camera megapixel. The main camera of the new iPhone, we remember that went on sale yesterday, comes with 12 megapixels, increasing by 50% 8 megapixel previous models. Apple promises that the quality will not be affected, although that is something that we will see over time. In any case and as long as get a new device, it’s time to compare the quality of the iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy S6 + Edge cameras , the main rival of the new smartphone from Apple.

As you can see, the images show no major differences. If you look, it seems that the camera Galaxy S6 + Edge best shows some details, but can also be the placebo effect which causes me to know that your camera is 16 megapixels, 4 more than the iPhone’s camera 6s Plus. From looking at the colors, the iPhone is better, although with the front face photo that is just the opposite.


In this comparison ( by The Verge) will miss pictures in low light conditions. As in any study, it would be important to many more photos, since in a given image, for example, the light sensor can capture a variation to make the final picture is harmed, as I think has happened in the last photo of the Galaxy S6 + Edge where we see that the pillar on the right is almost white. However, what really matters is not certain comparisons, if not daily use of the device.

What do you like most photos: the iPhone 6s Plus or the Samsung Galaxy S6 + Edge?

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