iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy S7 Edge: drop test



There are always some sort of tests each time a new device is released. The most common tests are the performance tests (benchmarks), the water resistance or, as you will see in the following video, the drop test. The last great device to appear in the media has been the Samsung Galaxy S7/ s7 edge and, as it could not be otherwise, as compared with the latest Apple Smartphone, the iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus. Which one will win?

What is a drop test?

As the name suggests, it is testing resistance against falls from a device. To make the best test, launch a device from different heights and in different positions. In this type of fighting wins the device has suffered less damage, although it must be said, there is something very important thing to consider.

In the video below, EverythingApplePro launched both devices in several ways, first several times (from the front, the back and profile) from the height of his pocket and both the iPhone 6s Plus and the Galaxy S7 support quite well falls from this height. Then they do the same, but from the height of the head which is to be talking on the phone. Here the Galaxy S7 already has problems, but it is something we should not be surprised by glass on both sides. And finally, he is thrown from the height of the face, but standing on a ladder. The only one of the two that goes well is the iPhone 6s.

Keep one thing in mind: drop tests are not made following a scientific method. In one attempt (device) also, luck comes into play, but it is understandable not do these type of test with multiple devices because it would cost a lot of money.

(Source: EverythingApplePro [YouTube])

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