iPhone 6s Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Waterproof Test [Video]



One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is its resistance to water; however, this feature is not allocated to the iPhone 6S Plus. Despite this, a YouTube user decided to face them in a unique endurance test.


Much is being rumored in recent weeks about the possibility that the iPhone 7 also have this protection IP68 as the Galaxy, but the latest rumors say this issue is not something that is critical to Apple and its super device sales.

After iPhone 6s and 6s Plus release, there were many blogs that tried to test the water resistance of this model. In most cases the iPhone came out unscathed and managed to keep sealed inside the device despite not provide the appropriate certification.

Following the launch of the Galaxy S7, it has already begun to circulate several videos in which we can see which of the two models is more impact resistant. The iPhone has proved to be a real tank and resist the blows with enough fortitude, relatively speaking. My colleague Paul has posted a video in which resistance compared to the fall of both devices.

Apple does not claim at any time that the iPhone 6s Plus is waterproof and that is demonstrated after 15 minutes. After spending 15 minutes submerged in water the iPhone will reoffend and stops working for damage caused by water. The Samsung Galaxy S7 boasts IP68 protection that allows submerge the device up to 3 meters deep without the pressure affecting the device, despite not having slot cover micro-USB connection.

As you can see in the video, which already has more than 272,000 views on YouTube, both the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as the iPhone 6S Plus are immersed in a small container that is filled with water.

After spending 10 minutes submerged, both smartphones are removed from the container with water and give us the surprise that both the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as the iPhone 6S Plus function normally.

If this summer you want to acquire the iPhone 6s Plus to the beach, it is best that you become one of the housings faces that protect against water and dust, but wish that some oversight mobile fall overboard and ye may recover. Unless it is a short time, as we can see in the video, the iPhone 6s Plus if it is able to withstand the ingress of liquids.

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