iPhone-6s-lteAccording to a new leak, the iPhone 6S could feature Qualcomm’s MDM9635M module which would double the LTE download speeds up to 300 Mbps instead of the theoretical maximum of 150 Mbps on current iPhone 6.

Although this module would offer more effective, there would be a speed limit to 50Mbps, as with Qualcomm MDM9625M module installed in the iPhone 6, report 9to5Mac.

Unveiled in November 2013, the MDM9635M is engraved in 20nm to benefit from lower power consumption, unlike the 28nm module inside the iPhone the moment. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities had predicted in January 2015 that future iPhones are equipped with the Qualcomm chip but this is the first time we have a tangible proof.

If MDM9635M is the game, then we would be entitled to greater download speeds and better resolution when playing streaming video. Ink is it that we allow operators by delivering a little more speed – which is already the case in some countries where they support 300Mbps.

Also, the new LTE chip thanks to a 20-nanometer design – instead of 28 nanometers – has become a little smaller and consumes less power – and thus also develops less heat. The logic board of the iPhone 6s to have become slightly less than the total of its predecessor; with power-saving components and a perhaps slightly larger battery is likely to Apple as the battery life of the device can be improved somewhat.

The iPhone 6s should appearbe released in the market this September. In addition to the new LTE chip will also have a new main processor – the Apple A9 – get. Rumors There is also an improved camera and the integration of touch screen technology Force Touch. Externally the iPhone 6s will hardly differ from his predecessor.

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