iPhone 6s To Have Thinner Design, Thanks To New LED Backlighting Chips



Recently, several reports have claimed that Apple was likely to present its iPhone 6S in August and again, it is said that a new 12Mpx photo sensor based on Sony RGBW technology would be integrated into the latter. Today Digitimes adds its salt grain to rumors. According to the site, Apple working on a new thinner and lighter chassis further miniaturizing components.

He speaks including BLUS (backlight unit) which could be smaller than the current model. Apple opt for an LED 0.4T with the dimensions of 3.0 x 0.85 x 0.4 mm, instead of an LED current 0.6T measuring 3.0 x 0.85 x 0.6 mm (embedded in Inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus). Although 2mm might seem little saving space, they would be sufficient to design a thinner iPhone.

According TrendForce, Nichia and Toyoda Gose provide these LED Apple, but there is a problem: if the BLUS is smaller, lighting capability would automatically lower than that obtained with 0.6T LEDs. To address this, Apple would have no choice but to use between 2-3 sheets of LEDs to achieve the same brightness level.

TrendForce also argues that the production of future iPhone would start running in June, and Apple would ship about 24 million in the third quarter.[via Digitimes]

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