Not everything rumors about the Apple Watch will be officially announced in less than a week, failing still almost half a year, and begin to know some of the improvements that Apple could include in the next iPhone 6s which should arrive in September .

According to AppleInsider, one of his sources and have provided reliable information in the past, he assured them that Apple is planning to increase the RAM of the next iPhone 6s and 6s Plus up to 2Gb. Thus, the next iPhone would follow the current iPad Air 2 already has 2Gb of RAM and double the current iPhone 6 and 6s.

A similar situation happened with the release of the third generation iPad with Retina display. Apple increased the RAM to 1GB with that model and months after the iPhone 5 would market also with 1GB of RAM. Apple could now follow the same policy with iPhone 6s after enlarging the RAM in the iPad Air 2.

Increasing the RAM in the iPhone is an improvement sought for quite some time for a good part of the users, as it will improve multitasking and have open more tabs in Safari without having to recharge to switch between them another. However, increasing the RAM does not bring only advantages because it also means a higher battery consumption. We’ll see how Apple solves this problem.

Likewise, this same source claims that Apple is considering, as it did with the iPad Air 2 4G, Apple included as standard SIM in the new iPhones.

The Apple SIM allows users in some countries employ mobile connection operator to choose from the same menu settings iPhone, avoiding having to be tied to contracts of two years and allowing operator to change at any time. This last point is particularly interesting for those users who travel to different countries, as it would allow them to choose the operator of the country where they are and avoid roaming charges.

Although Apple include a SIM in the new iPhone would bring great benefits to the user, Apple will face resistance from the operators, especially larger ones, to which this is something that surely is not going to make any grace.

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