On Wednesday, for anyone who likes technology knows that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were presented. Most outstanding novelty, or promote the most wanted in the event was undoubtedly the 3D Touch screen, which is able to detect three different pressure and, thanks to it, we will have many more options throughout the operating system and developers can do the same with their applications. But there are other important developments, such as increasing the RAM that has grown from 1GB to 2GB.

Although yet to be know some of the specifications, it is high time to put face to face with the iPhone 6s iPhone 6. Contrary to what many might think, the iPhone 6s loses some points, with only important from my point view the cut suffered in the capacity of the battery, but this is unlikely and the processor will be more efficient, it is also true that not make anyone happy.

As you will see in the screenshot below, and although details have yet to be know as the CPU and GPU, 6s iPhone has changed everything. WiFi features remain, but not in the LTE (not shown in picture), being in the iPhone 6s twice as fast compared to the iPhone 6. Neither has changed in the screen, keeping a 326ppi Retina HD display .


The iPhone 6s loses in size by a few tenths of a millimeter and weighs 14gr. Moreover, a weight that is believed to come from the extra sheet requires 3D Touch. Also it lost in where it hurts, losing 5% of the battery capacity with respect to which used the iPhone 6. For everything else, or is maintained or improved significantly, as is the case in both chambers, both photos and video, Bluetooth, RAM or the aforementioned 3D Touch.

Although there is yet another point that loses outside the United States, another point that also hurts and that is located right in our portfolio. Furthermore, if we choose a higher capacity iPhone, the price increase will be $110 and not $100 as usual.

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