A few months ago, some analysts predicted that the iPhone 6s would be thicker than the current model. The reason given at first for this increase was the arrival of pressure recognition system, now known as Force Touch but is expected to rename the September 9, which adds a further sheet panel screen. Later, Unbox Therapy found that they had used a different material had been used in the iPhone 6 and yesterday we could measure a mounted device confirming that the iPhone 6s will be thicker, but also high and slightly wider.

As you can see in the picture above, the iPhone 6s will measure 7,08mm thick. This is a measure of 0.18mm, which would be less than a fifth of a millimeter. A person with good eyesight could see the difference if we did two lines with the difference covered by a paper with a pen, but not a difference you can see at a glance in a fully assembled device, and less if it is totally curved by all end. For iPhone 6s Plus, thickness would 7,28mm.


But also thicker than expected, the iPhone 6s also be taller and wider. With respect to height, the new model will 138,19mm also 0.18mm over the previous model that had a height of 138,1mm. In the width it is where there is more difference, increasing the extent 0,68mm model last year. In total, the new model will be 67,88mm wide, 67mm raising fair last year.

These extra tenths millimeter in all actions seem to have their reason to avoid the bendgate. Besides using 7000 series aluminum also added more material, allowing the housing naked hold three times the pressure bearing housing iPhone 6. Moreover, if we have an attachment for the current models, the mean mm more than its width should not be an impediment to use the accessories you already have, but Spiegen has announced that it has prepared specific cases for new models.

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