While the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s will officially unveil More than September 9, the analyst Kuo Ming-Chi KGI Securities already provides information on the iPhone 7 to be release 2016.

According to his sources, the iPhone could be finer 7, between 6.0 and 6.5 mm, the iPod touch and the iPad Air 2 (6.1) or that the 6s iPhone 6.0 mm.
Automatically, this iPhone battery 7 could be finer then obviously leading to a diminished autonomy – unless Apple has found a way to keep at least the same A10 processor by integrating a more frugal than ever.

More finesse is perhaps not the best idea especially that there is comfort that must remain nice for a good grip. Apple would do better in our opinion to provide a more powerful battery for it even though the iPhone has to be thicker than a few millimeters.

We’ll have to wait and see what offer the iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s more next Wednesday during the keynote. It is expected that in 7000 a housing more resistant aluminum (same with Apple Watch Sport), a A9 processor, a 12 megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, a Force Touch screen, and perhaps a gold color ‘Pink’.

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