The iPhone has been made into 3D conceptual design CURVED / Labs produced iPhone 5SE, conceptual design and iPhone 7, and so far only outflow iPhone 5SE leak, iPhone 7 more even a decent image, so the basic the iPhone 6 is from the transformation.


But in this concept, they claimed to have seen a lot of rumors before making this design, we can see especially claims iPhone 7 Plus is one of the functions of the dual-lens design, which also has been spread.

However, these two lenses is not a row shadow, but with two LED lights to X-shaped arrangement, of course, iPhone 7 also removes the defect 6 and iPhone 6s projecting lens, and the lens projection shifted completely flat, they also told According to rumors, in addition to 3.5mm interface and into the radio microphone hidden symmetry among the speakers.

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