Apple is working on electromagnetic interference protection that will protect most of the iPhone 7 chips and help maintain device performance while its power and complexity increase. The company directed by Tim Cook has already been used in the past the EMI protection (the acronym for Electromagnetic Interference) in different parts of the iPhone, but it seems that the iPhone 7 will include a broader range of EMI protection on a single chip .

Manufacturers of South Korea Amkor StatsChipPac and who will be responsible for manufacturing the new EMI protection to be used in the iPhone 7 device, if there are no surprises, will go on sale in mid-September. The worst part is that production costs will increase the complexity of the new technology and, knowing as he spends the apple company and although I may be wrong, is likely to see a small increase in price compared to what it cost iphone 6s in 2015.

According ETNews, Apple uses the EMI protection for its effectiveness avoiding interference in wireless communication. Individual EMI protection may also allow denser and plates for smaller devices circuitry, which would reduce the dimensions of the devices or include larger batteries. An example of this type of package would EMI S1 processor is the heart of Apple Watch, smart watch that was presented at the end of 2014.

If the predictions are true, Apple will start producing iPhone 7 just a couple of months before it occurs, but this time will join Wistron and Foxconn both companies will make more iPhones at the same time. I just hope, for the sake of users and perhaps for the future of Apple and not raise the price again with the arrival of the iPhone 7

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