This concept for the iPhone 7 created by SKAVids  inspired by the MacBook featuring a 16MP camera, 4K video capture, antenna without bands and minimum screen edge..

IPhone 7 concept with 8 MP front camera , 16 MP rear camera,  4k video capture with optical stabilization, and 5.5-inch screen without lateral edges.

The video below is the one that, frankly, no where to get it. It’s the crazy idea of ​​someone that a concept of how it could really be the next iPhone. In addition, there are some elements that remind us of an Android, starting with the exterior design (which seems close to Moto X), the interface design of the system, with clearly copied elements of the operating system Google-and those more typical colors a “c”. range

The truth is that we have already reported that the new iPhone would have already gone into production, so the first leaks would soon arrive. Later the same we have seen a report that exposed some of the features that have this model, among which are a primary 12-megapixel camera, a front of 5 mp, a processor 2GB and a base model that would starting at 16 GB (which should not be surprising when you consider the words of Phil Schiller in his interview with John Gruber for The Talk Show).

In addition, the new iPhone would come with an audio input 2.5 mm (smaller than the current 3.5mm) which would save a considerable part of space on your device that could be used for battery (since no we believe that Apple make the iPhone thinner this year).

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