The next-gen iPhone concept will be hundreds. In fact, they have not yet appeared many as usual since the launch of Apple Watch, a new product that has us pretty self-absorbed. But some there. And if we’ve already shown an iPhone 7 will not, today we go with another idea that’s not just seen feasible, but nevertheless part of the inspiration apple watch for inspiration.

In fact, the designer has imagined what the next iPhone 7 Apple itself has taken into consideration the current configuration of the two models of the company. Along with that, has left virtually untouched designs, which would have to add the key role of Apple Watch. Both come, according to this concept iPhone 7 with the famous wheel of Apple Watch content.

Recall that Apple Watch wheel is not there by chance or as an ornament without. In fact, it is a key part of the user interaction with the device. But what would be included in an iPhone 7? None. Actually, it would be left to watch Apple without its unique feature, and take the phone something that is not only not necessary, but useless by the size of the screen.

Does anybody really want to use a wheel to move on their device having a touch screen with 5 inches or more? I do not think so. That’s why we have much impressed, at first sight, this concept of iPhone 7 will ever see the light. At least not while giving the user think about what you really need without unnecessary add-ons.

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