iPhone-7-widescreen-concept-2When Samsung launched the first Galaxy Note, there was a debate between those who prefer a larger to see better content and allows some to carry the screen on the device with comfort. As for the big screen, but because the iPhone X Plus also includes OIS and offers greater autonomy. I would like to be an iPhone 4-inch screen could expand in some way and that is exactly what the iPhone Widescreen.

So far, we have seen many concepts iPhone, but most only provide a new design, as in the case of someone who shows us a thinner iPhone without the 3.5mm jack port it appears that disappear with the arrival of the iPhone in July. but that’s not the iPhone Widescreen, created by Timothy Donald Cook would allow a normal iPhone become a kind of tablet to extend your screen.


The iPhone 7 concept with a widescreen includes the magic screen, also includes other aspects that have been rumored, as is the case in the absence of jack 3.5mm port. Moreover, it also has the sides curved screen like Samsung Galaxy X Edge, but with an entirely different intention, which is none other than to extend the screen.

The widescreen operation can not say it’s too simple: when the device is in, say, smartphone mode, the interface is coupled to the phone screen. When we open it, we press a button and is displayed. Once opened, the volume buttons are on the curve of the flexible display.

Flexible displays are the near future, but do not think Apple will never launch a device with a system that seems so fragile (and have learned the lesson with the iPhone 6 Widescreen). Moreover, if we consider that “next big” the virtual reality, I am inclined to think that, if you expect to succeed with device whose screen grows, it may be best to launch a terminal with a kind of projector, always and when the image quality is good. (Source: Sonitdac [YouTube])

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