If the Vietnamese media that published this information is correct, we can now understand why Apple will double the storage capacity of the iPhone 6s: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we remember that, except surprise, will be presented tomorrow, can record 4K resolution, but with twice the frames per minute (FPS) of the iPhone 6s.

The iPhone 6s can record 4K resolution and 30fps, but the Vietnamese medium ensures that the iPhone 7 / Plus can record with the same resolution and 60fps. If you have recorded video in 4K, you will have found that weighing videos so resolution is a genuine outrage, and can weigh more than 1GB a video of 3 minutes. And that’s at 30fps, so, if the math does not fail me, a video in 4K and 60 fps could weigh twice, so storage iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we remember that be with options 128GB which replaces the 64GB- and 256GB, it is not unreasonable.

The good news is that the Vietnamese medium recording does not say that this quality will be an exclusive iPhone 7 Plus. Unlike. What is says is that this quality can be taken with the iPhone 7 4.7 inches, so that one of two things: either the iPhone 7 Plus records with the same quality or even an ace up their sleeve for the keynote tomorrow This should not be too surprising if we consider that it is expected that the iPhone’s camera 7 Plus is 12 + 12Mpx.

At this point I would comment that you have to be careful with such quality record. I can not say I have a very bad computer and my iMac 2009 with 8GB RAM suffers when trying to edit recorded video in 4K at 30fps, so I decided to leave the configuration record only to 1080p at 60fps. Keep this in mind when you go to record video with the iPhone 7, if this new capability is confirmed.

The data also confirm the existence of one of the new colors of next smartphone apple, almost black-in material to replace the current space gray. Rumors also ensure that there will be another black, but this one in a bright color. To be precise, we talk about the new colors as “Black Piano” and “Shining Black”.

Other things that would confirm the Vietnamese medium would be water resistance, a IPX7 that would put the iPhone 30 minutes in one meter deep, and a new version of the start button all the rumors say it will be touch and non-mechanical, ie that will not sink like all buttons iOS devices we’ve seen to date. Tomorrow we will know if the Vietnamese middle right in his or information not.

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