iPhone 7 Dummy Shows Unit Showcases Removed Antenna Bands



Alleged leaks of the  iPhone 7 started to appear more frequently. Today, NoWhereElse has published a second 3D model confirming that the iPhone 7 will have the same dimensions as the iPhone 6s and a hole for the much larger camera. The latter is what makes me think that the image MacRumors has published a full-fledged fake.

As you can see in the picture, this assumption iPhone has a camera and flash the same size as the current iPhone 6s. Here I only see three possibilities: the first is that the image is false. The second is that the image shows an iPhone “non-Pro”, ie, an iPhone that does not include dual camera. At this point we must remember that one of the rumors about the dual camera iPhone 7 ensures that only included in a special edition that would be the iPhone 7 Pro. The last option and that seems less likely be NoWhereElse who has published wrong information. In fact, who has “leaked”, always in quotes, this is someone anonymous.

But let us give the benefit of the doubt and continue defoliating Daisy: the supposed iPhone 7 image includes a Smart Connector Mac Otakara had said he would not be present in the final device but we also think that the device image is a prototype of testing before starting mass production. In fact, sometimes devices with memory storage that is not available in September, when put on sale the new iPhone are manufactured.

What seems to be yes as in this photo are the lines of the antennas. Of the few external changes that include the iPhone in July, one will be very welcome elimination of the bands of the antennas, the point I think it was the most criticized when it introduced the iPhone 6. Moreover, it seems that neither has port headphones and perhaps be my desire, it seems to have two speakers.

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