iPhone 7 Leaked Photos Show A Hole On The Back



The Economic Daily News reports that Apple’s suppliers have already begun to take on new staff in view of the work for the iPhone 7 production should begin by the end well, in advance of the roadmaps of the other Apple smartphone.

Foxconn and Pegatron are the two companies have to assemble the new iPhone 7 (the report speaks of two models, and not three), but the work will start early. The reason? The iPhone 7 seems to have a more complex design than previous models, so suppliers need more time to train staff throughout the assembly process. When talking about “more complex” design, not necessarily referring to the aesthetic aspect, since the design can also affect the internal optimizations componistica or construction of waterproof shells. Among Apple’s suppliers should also be Intel, which could achieve 50% of installed modems on the iPhone 7 and responsible for all wireless connections and data.


Several analysts agree in saying that the iPhone 7 will not undergo major cosmetic changes, while today’s report is limited to talk about a “more complex design,” which can mean everything and nothing. Incidentally, in recent days it circulated a photo of the alleged iPhone 7, although in many consider it a fake:

The fact, however, that Foxconn and Pegatron are taking more time to train staff could be some surprises.

In any case, the iPhone 7 should be released as planned by the end of September.

(Via: LetemSvetemApplem [Google Translate])

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