iPhone 7 Models Shown In 4K Video And Logic Board Photos Surface



A high-definition video comparing three dummy models of the iPhone in July flowing through the network, which has revived rumors that Apple may have two different versions of the 5.5-inch model.

The video below in 4K resolution, was posted on YouTube by ‘bshop Kuwa’ , which appears to be linked to a Japanese iPhone  store.

A model with the 4.7-inch gold iPhone 7 shown alongside two other major terminals, one in silver and one in pink gold. One of the two 5.5-inch models shown in the video camera has a single lens, similar to that of current models, while the other is equipped with a dual purpose.

Early rumors had suggested that Apple was working on two versions of the 5.5 inches iPhone 7, which could be called ‘Plus’ and ‘Pro’. However, these rumors were falling in again forgotten until re-emerged last July thanks to a new filtering images.

As MacRumors mentioned, it is likely that Apple has been working on two different prototypes of the 5.5 inches iPhone 7 during the design phase. The idea of this is to be prepared in case of supply problems with a dual-lens camera. In this sense, this would be the most likely iPhone 7 ‘Pro’ and ‘Plus’ rumors cause however, at this time does not appear that Apple is ready to launch these two versions.

One of the main differences can be observed between these simulated models of the iPhone 7 Pro and that came last July resides in the “smart connector”. While those had a Smart connector on the bottom rear, the models we see in this video without.

Another clear proof that these models are only models we have in the model number A1429 that actually identifies a version of iPhone 5 in Apple numbering scheme.

Despite that, this is the video of better quality than we have seen so far comparing that could be the new iPhone 7 models. Although it is models, gives us an idea of what Apple could launch this Fall.

As shown in the video, these iPhone 7 “imaginary” follow the line of the most likely regarding rumors outward appearance is concerned, ie similar to the current models of the iPhone 6, with slight design changes. These changes would not be other that the repositioning of the bands antenna, which no longer cross the back of the phone if that would cross their upper and lower profiles, the larger size of the camera or the absence of a headphone jack jack 3.5 mm . The headphone connector space would be occupied with a new speaker while the device would be accompanied, most likely, for about EarPods Lightning.

As for the interior, not much can be said because it is models, and no model functions, or even prototypes. Still, it is expected that the new iPhone 7 in conjunction with the new mobile operating system iOS 10 offer higher performance, speed and power. For this also help the new A10 chip manufactured by the company TSMC and possibly 3GB RAM that could be exclusive iPhone 7 Plus (Pro model or if they were to materialize).


As we know, besides the new Apple chip A10, other hardware innovations planned for the new iPhone 7 would be the elimination headphone jack jack 3.5 mm and its replacement by a second speaker. Not forgetting the antenna bands no longer cross the housing from the rear, but it could border the device by its top and bottom.

Scheduled Release Date

Although there is no official date, and the Keynote presentation or even been announced, and a specific date for the launch of the new iPhone 7 shuffled.

According to Evan Blass, Apple will release their new handsets on Friday, September 16, pre-orders will start on September 9. These dates indicate that the event Apple is really close, less than a month.

(Source: Bloomberg, Bshop Kuwa [YouTube], Weibo)

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