iPhone 7 Photo Leak Shows Edge-To-Edge Display



After the release of the iPhone SE, rumors again focus on the iPhone 7. So far few fairly credible rumors had seen, but after the special event this will go in crescendo and we talk almost every week. These new rumors come from the Chinese social network Weibo, known for such leaks among other things. It is an image in which supposedly the future iPhone 7 is shown, and it is striking with a larger and borderless screen.

It is not the first time there is talk about an iPhone without edges, in fact, last year pictures of an alleged iPhone 7 were also leaked, said it would integrated with a shell that would occupy the entire front screen and  no the start button.


Will there be any change in the iPhone 7? As of now, nothing is guarantee, but what if we can analyze the latter filtered to whether or not the actual image. Of course I say that the image is false. The first reason is that despite having an acceptable resolution, pixelated areas is seen in some areas and not in all, which is a clear indication that has been edited, so that “big screen” most likely is a simple close to the body of an iPhone 6.


Another thing to consider black square, is the imperfection found in the bottom line of the screen, which we see as twisted as it approaches the lower right corner, this is probably an iPhone 7 leak photo that was created with a  poor editing in Photoshop.

Apple eliminated the side stripes on the iPhone in order to get a larger screen without increasing the dimensions.

(Source: Weibo | Via: 9to5Mac)

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