iPhone 7 Plus leaked prototype designs



The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be presented in late summer, which we can expect. The facilities and the design of the next generation Apple phone-there are already some exciting insights. Among other things, is probably the audio jack disappear and the main camera to get a dual sensor.

How will the iPhone 7? According to the latest rumor, the design will be similar to that of current models, although there will be some cosmetic improvements, such as the absence of antenna bands on the back and a slightly slimmer profile. Just based on this information, a concept video was made showing the possible iPhone 7.


Since last year, rumors are circulating about the fact that Apple with the iPhone 7,  the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack will give the deathblow. In light of the developments of recent weeks that could well be the case. On the one hand, the person responsible for the USB standard USB has proposed a new USB Type-C-Audio standard, on the other hand has a first company already banned the audio jack from its smartphones.

Next there is speculation that the iPhone 7 perhaps a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is replaced by: It should be waterproof and dustproof. In order to offer as little contact surface, the Home button could be touch sensitive – the hardware button was canceled. This would require but then a new technology for the fingerprint sensor forth. Alternatively, provided its smartphones with a nano-coating Apple, so they are at least partially water-resistant.

As for the other features, it is expected that Apple will equip its next iPhone with A10 and M10 coprocessor, which are manufactured by TSMC and Samsung. It is commonly believed that a dual-camera is installed in the 5.5-inch model, the iPhone 7 Plus, which is to have a similar features as that of Huawei P9 . In addition, the larger iPhone will have 3 GB of RAM on board, while the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will have also 2 GB installed  – the small model will be without Dual Camera.

The video starts from the assumption that the iPhone 7 will not have the 3.5mm audio jack, will have a slimmer profile and will not make the antenna bands on the back. On the back is highlighting the dual camera, which will probably be available only on the Plus model. Finally, on the back can see the presence of the much chatted Smart Connectors, which should allow you to use a set of advanced equipment on the iPhone.

Check out the prototype video below:

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