iPhone 7 Plus rumored to feature 3GB of RAM and waterproof housing



Rumors about the iPhone almost never stop. Less than a month after launching the iPhone 6s, or even before, and he was talking about how would the iPhone in July, all according to some rumors. The rumor we tell you today is born from an analyst’s statements, but this time is not Ming-Chi Kuo, while agreeing with it in some respects. The analyst called Avril Wu works for TrendForce and says the iPhone 7 Plus come with an increase in RAM memory, from 2GB iPhone 6s to 3GB of RAM on the next  5.5-inch model.

Moreover, Wu also believes the iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof, and this is something that began to take force from the first tests of resistance to liquids iPhone 6s and then checking to iFixit about who they discovered that Apple had made changes in the iPhone casing 6 for the iPhone 6s less vulnerable to spills and even dips. As a personal opinion, this should mean that the next iPhone will come with IPX7 certification.

As no matches Wu Ming-Chi Kuo is what is said every year and the end is not met. The analyst says that the iPhone 7 will be released in June, if not already in the second half of 2016 (minimum July). In addition, it predicts that a total of 260 million handsets to be sold last year, representing an annual growth of 12.5% to achieve a global market share of 18.5%..

As for the iPhone 4 inches, the analyst believes that next year yes there will be a more modest model, but predicts that will hit stores in the second quarter of 2016, which gives possibilities to be presented by the iPhone 7, if the end that is the name chosen for the new iPhone, which is most likely.

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