iphone7plus_cases_leak_1The last weeks were ready peppered with various iPhone 7 rumors. Among other things, different schematic drawings have surfaced. As before, there are different views about whether Apple will put a Smart Connector on the iPhone 7 or at least the iPhone 7 Plus.

As you can see from the pictures, the hole for the camera and the flash of these cases is much larger than in the covers current models came up from the right of it to almost the center of the device to accommodate the two camera lenses next iPhone 5.5 inches. In addition, the back has two holes: one to display the block (of course ?) and one at the bottom that would leave room for the Smart Connector, the smart connector Apple is already present in both iPad Pro and that some rumors say it will also be present in the iPhone 7 Plus.

iphone-7-plus-caseAfter always wondering whether what concrete advantage a SmartConnector could have on the iPhone. When iPad Pro we lit this one, but with the iPhone? Maybe we deliver Apple soon reply. One or the other case manufacturers seem confident that Apple is a smart connector block.

So Sunnyc shows an iPhone 7 Plus Case incl. Mockup on which the Smart Connector can be seen. But this is not the only change compared to the iPhone 6S / 6Plus. The cases manufacturers installed a sufficiently large recess to accommodate a dual camera, microphone and flash. The manufacturer also dispense with the opening for the headphone jack.

We are unsure in which direction it goes. On the one hand we are skeptical when it comes to Smart Connector and on the other side prepare Case manufacturers that have usually good relations with the Apple supply chain, in appropriate cases. Quite possible that will provide the appropriate argument why the Apple iPhone has 7 Plus a Smart Connector.

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