iPhone 7 Plus To Feature Dual-Camera System Using LinX Tech And Optical Zoom


iphone-dual-cameraUsually the Plus Apple smartphone model is bigger also more expensive. That is why it includes some differences from the normal model, as the optical image stabilizer (OIS), to encourage us to make a bigger payout. But in the next iPhone could have a more striking difference, as KGI Securities says in a new analysis that says the iPhone 7 Plus will come with a dual camera. Using two different lenses, a device can use extra images collected to create photos with a significant increase in quality. And, no one mentions, it would be possible to create a 3D effect as we have seen in some HTC smartphones.

According to KGI, this dual camera would not be present in the 4.7-inch model. To be more exact, the analyst firm believes that this technology would be present only in a “premium” model that would include advanced camera system, including 2-3x optical zoom magnification, OIS and a large field of view, being the the other model a telephoto lens with a field much narrower vision.


Rumors about an iPhone with dual camera are not new. Indeed, the picture that heads this article is of rumors that the iPhone 6s have a camera with two lenses and, as you know, only have one. But Apple bought the company Linx, a company specialized in creating cameras in multi-opening mobile, miniature and could use their technology to create dual camera spoken of KGI Securities Company. The theory is that the dual-chamber independent take photos and Lynx would use technology to combine data and images provide substantial improvements.

KGI believes that 30% of iPhone shipments in July would have the dual camera. If we consider that this would only be a Plus model, this could be a move to try to sell more iPhones with 5.5 inches, which would also result in higher profits for the company directed Tim Cook. Well, there would still be more differences between the models are launched. If KGI is correct, there would be an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with improved logic and OIS autonomy and iPhone 7 Plus with dual chamber and wider field of view.


iPhone 7 / Plus is expected in September. If KGI right in his analysis, and on the basis of which you have not purchased the 4-inch iPhone 5SE, what model would buy?

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