Samsung Galaxy S8+ may be better than the iPhone 7 Plus in many ways. It has a futuristic design with a QHD + Infinity screen of 6.2- inch screen and that makes the Galaxy S8 Plus better looking than the iPhone 7, both on paper and in real life.

While the Galaxy S8+ specifications easily outweigh those of the iPhone 7 Plus, we find that the company’s new Cooman phone can not deliver better battery life than the current Apple smartphone star, despite coming with a significantly larger battery Than his rival. While the Galaxy S8 + features a 3500mAh battery, the iPhone 7 Plus integrates a 2900mAh battery. The first also brings a substantially larger 6.2-inch QHD + AMOLED screen, while the iPhone 7 Plus makes use of a 5.5 inch IPS LCD panel.

In addition, the combination of Apple’s tight integration between hardware and software allows the iPhone 7 Plus to easily beat the Galaxy S8 + in the battery life tests performed by the PhoneArena.

Samsung-Galaxy-S8-Plus-recharge-testIn the test that included loading a specific web script that replicates the power consumption of a typical real world usage for a screen brightness of 200 nits, the Galaxy S8 + lasted 8 hours, while the iPhone 7 Plus It lasted 9 hours and 5 minutes. While the performance of the Galaxy S8 + is better than what has been achieved with OnePlus 3T, Google Pixel XL, and even the iPhone 7, is no match for the largest iPhone, the 7 Plus. Given that the phone comes with a larger and higher screen resolution than the iPhone 7 Plus, the Galaxy S8 + score is quite respectable.

However, it is still disappointing to see that an Android smartphone badge can not last longer than the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of battery life even after six months of launching the Apple phone.

So if the battery life is of paramount importance to you probably the best option you can find in the market for a high end mobile phone is the iPhone 7 Plus. Although it ss fast and wireless charging, you can not deny the fact that the battery life is shorter than the iPhone 7 Plus.

(Source: PhoneArena)

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