As we are getting close to September, more rumors about the iPhone 7 are surfacing. Some of these rumors will be met, but others will never see the light of the day. The latest rumors claimed that there will only be a normal model and a Plus model, being 5.5 inches which was formerly known as Pro. But the alleged leaked iPhone prices 7 tell us another story.

The original list, which you have in the following lines,  also included current models, priced in yuan, China’s currency as follows:

iPhone 7 32GB: ~$800 | 64GB: ~$930 | 256GB: ~$1080

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB: ~$925 | 128GB: ~$1050 | 256GB: ~$1200

iPhone 7 Pro 32GB: ~$1080 | 128GB: ~$1200 | 256GB: ~$1350

In any case, I will advance that the iPhone 7 Pro, if it finally comes, will have a fairly high price. In the above prices must take into account the storage capacity. The iPhone 6s / Plus will keep the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB, while according to rumors, the iPhone 7 will come with 32GB of entry and 256GB the top model, but does not finish unclear whether this new capability is available only in the model Pro or if all the iPhone 7 will come with capacities 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Explained above, and if these are met and other rumors, if we want the iPhone 7 Pro will have to pay approximately $931 for the 32GB model. On the positive side we would have the iPhone 7 Plus 64GB or 128GB (not clear which model would be the average) cost about $60 less than the cost of the iPhone 6s Plus 64GB last year.

The Pro model supposedly would have a double camera and Smart Connector, although this has also been disproved by several analysts, who suggest that only have two models of iPhone.  But the question, and so I do not quite trust these prices, it would be crazy to launch not one, but two models without the advanced features that include the Pro model. We recall that the iPhone 7 Pro would be the only one count with the Smart Connector and dual camera. Given the jump from an iPhone 6s/6s Plus an iPhone 7/7 Plus would only be improving the camera (rumored to feature 21 megapixels… provided they do not lose the quality of current models) and processor, but would keep the design , the screen, the Touch ID and we could not use the iPhone cases we already have. It also seems important to mention that the original information has appeared in Weibo, which is known as the Chinese Twitter, but there is lot information displayed nowadays, and even contradictory information.

(Source: Weibo)


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