iPhone 7 Rear Shell Leaked In Rose Gold



Although there are still more than three months for submission, and we are on the dates alleged that many components of the next iPhone will appear. Any information which “leak”, always in quotes because this should be orchestrated by Tim Cook and his team will be false, but also see things eventually come with the device to be presented in September. The last thing we bring is an image of what could be the housing of a iPhone 7 Rose Gold or Gold colored pink.

As usual in most cases, the case alleged iPhone 7 comes from Sina Weibo, what is known as the Chinese Twitter. The design of this case coincides with what we had published of past leaks, although the only significant difference between this housing an iPhone 6s I see myself and picture is that the bands for antennas no longer cross the terminal side by side, one of the small changes that are expected to include the iPhone to launch in 2016.

When looking at the hole for the camera image above, and we should not forget that supposedly dual camera would be only in the Plus model, I found it strange, so I have arranged to get a picture of the housing of an iPhone above and, indeed, it is different. The opening for the camera of the previous image appears smaller, but is slightly retouched to the ring or have to go in that area does not protrude as much as in models 2014 and 2015. But there is also something that makes me think that image is false and had not taken into account until I compared the previous image to the next.

Where is the room for the apple logo on the housing of course iPhone 7? If memory serves me, something that is possible, all the cases I’ve seen before the release of a new iPhone had apple and die-cut, although we can not rule out 100% that this case in particular has skipped a step manufacturing process to reach the hands of those who has posted on Weibo.

(source: Weibo)

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