iPhone 7 Review: What’s New



Another year and another iPhone presented. Tim Cook and company took the stage of the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium few days ago to introduce what their bets to compete in the first division of smartphones during the next course are.

Both the one hand and on the other, the opinions about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are in many points as differ. Not being a model with the “s” in its name, it would be logical that this year would have seen a radical change in the exterior design of the iPhone, but certainly this model has a light dyes transition between a mature product and to come again next year.


As for the exterior, as I said, there are not many changes. The design will be practically the same for those not too well versed in the art of differentiating between iPhones based on one or two details, which should not be a drag if not for the Plus model remains overly large compared to other terminals with similar screen sizes competition. Otherwise, it is a form factor that works very well once you have it in hand, especially the 4.7-inch model, and with which we can live another year without major surprises.

In detail, we can distinguish an iPhone 6s an iPhone 7. For the rear bands antennas no longer cross the aluminum, but follow the curvature of the frame for better disguised. Also because the camera becomes coated with aluminum body and iPhone, of course, by the new black colors  (Jet Black and Matte Black). Of course, careful with the latter, because as indicated by Apple itself, it is prone to scratches too easily.

No Headphone Jack


Part of boos and cheers faced in this iPhone has led the audio jack of 3.5 mm. Or rather, the absence of it. Phone 7 does not have a jack to connect our regular helmets, but has been replaced by another row of perforations complete symmetry with their counterparts on the right side. jbareham_160910_1215_c_0806_compressed-0The new EarPods now come with a Lightning connector because, yes, this is the only port that must be used for all on your iPhone. This does not mean you should throw your old towns away, because Apple includes in the device box Lightning adapter to 3.5 mm jack. If your brain just exploded and do not know what does this decision by Apple to eliminate something as distinctive as the “hole” headphones, in this article we explain why its absence is not drama.



All that we have mentioned is fine, but the real strength in the iPhone 7 is the camera. It has always been said that the iPhone has one of the best cameras on the market, offering amazing results compared to other manufacturers specifications riding. This iPhone is only a claim on this point, where a specification without splurges get incredible results. Thanks to the new opening f/1.8 and the new four-LED flash images in low light conditions will be better than ever. Also, the colors captured in normal conditions are more faithful to what we see in reality.

For the first time we see in this model the optical stabilization built, great news especially for lovers of the videos, they will see how their quality improves significantly. Although the definitive model for those who want to get maximum performance from the camera will remain the Plus, this time the 4.7-inch terminal also plays a very good role.


New Home Button


Apple is still sticking out a great game to 3D Touch and Taptic Engine in this model. Not only are they available to execute actions based on the pressure to do on the screen, but the new start button or “Home” stops working as it did so far to incorporate in it this little engine. In other words, you seem you’re clicking on it, but really it’s all a recreation.

Water Resistance

We had fun deeping the iPhone 7 in water. No problem, either during or after the test. In fact there were fun to dip iPhone 6s a year ago that, while not officially resistant, survived for half an hour under water without any problem. Underwater. This iPhone 7 would not be jeopardized even if immersed, but Apple is keen to point out however that the certification is limited to “sketches”. Because the damage from liquids are not covered under warranty. So look out!

Other details

Finally, after a long wait of years of suffering, Apple abandons the base 16GB storage. We could not be happier. Although the difference storage with the next higher model is still huge (128GB), for most users 32GB be enough.

For everything in those storage of 32GB or your choice, the iPhone comes with the A10 processor and M10 co-processor , without going into technical details, the device will “fly”. Also they make it more efficient, and that Apple is estimated at about two hours increased autonomy of the iPhone 7 with respect to 6s. I can not sound like much, but we all know that every minute counts.

Something that there is unanimity of opinion is another of the star features of the iPhone: resistance to water, sand and dust.. Now, new terminals are safe from any splashes, accidental submersion. This does not mean that you can bathe with it, but is intended solely for the purpose of providing the iPhone an extra layer of protection. In fact, Apple already warn that the warranty does not cover liquid damage.



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