iPhone 7 To Possibly Feature 3D Touch-Sensitive Home Button



Although it is a classic, all a “symbol” present from the birth of the iPhone, the Home button may have its days numbered, at least as we know it ,..The next iPhone 7 could include a touch Home button Touch 3D technology, but would not be integrated into the display, as has been rumored on several occasions.

As published by Mac Otakara, maybe the iPhone 7 does not include a physical home button. Instead, Apple would implement a 3D button Touch 3D touch start to be presented to flush the iPhone body and not “sink” when a finger is placed on it, but will respond to different levels of pressure.

When the user clicks on the start button again, the haptic feedback identifies the degree of pressure, like the Force Touch trackpad present in the 12-inch MacBook. As a result, you can have the feeling of pressure on a button, even though there is really no such button that you press.

The news from MacOtakara refers to the rumor that began in April from Stormmedia, and confirms its veracity. Citing unidentified sources of the supply chain, he says there is a “high probability” that the rumor is true. The rumor has also emerged in other times by DigiTimes and company analysts Cowen.

With Apple, anything is possible. That’s something we already know too well who follow the signing of Cupertino ago few years however, following the alleged and hypothetical strategy of Apple, would not it be more likely that the removal of a Home physical button and its replacement by a “button” 3D Touch technology it be implemented in the 2017 iPhone?

Remember that, if all goes sheet, which unofficial route rumored, Apple is determined to take a risky strategy. IPhone 7 would include a few improvements, but remain similar to the current design. So much so that in Cupertino are considering the option of calling it iPhone 6SE.

Thus, the new iPhone in July present a faster processor, also faster WiFi and LTE connectivity, remove the headphone jack, would add second speaker, slightly increase the battery capacity … And a little more. In this line, integrating a 3D Touch Home button could be described as a major change, even if we add to that possible water resistance as demanded and expected. Something that would be more in line with the iPhone’s 10th anniversary that the company launched in 2017 and a complete transformation is expected, both outside and inside.

(Source: Mac Otakara [Google Translate])



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