iPhone 7 rumor suggests thinner body, flush camera, stereo speakers



The latest rumors about the rumored iPhone 7 if it is redundant, but not more than rumors- indicate that the terminal will be thinner than the latest models, but will not be waterproof.

The phone will also be exactly the same in design and retain width, height, and metal housing.

If that actually makes sense. Costs plummet if a housing of a model that is already on sale is held for a new model since all you have to do is theoretically increase the number of units produced. However, there must be something about the process of manufacturing the casing of the new terminal is 1mm thinner, as is pointing. What’s the trick? Simple. The iPod touch is 6.1mm thick, just the same as the new iPhone. Although if the housing is the same, it is possible that the assembly process is also the same, so that the terminal would not be submersible, as commented on more than one occasion.

Apparently the camera does not excel as in current models, although it has sacrificed the headphone jack, probably to reach that level of thinness. Include a thinner than we know Lightning port, but this need not imply that a new cable or connector required, although handset manufacturers could well have something to say about it. Besides the iPhone 7 come with improved sound quality; instead of a single mono speaker, it incorporates two stereo speakers.

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