Apple’s new A10 Fusion is manufactured by TSMC and is associated with 2GB of RAM, one less than the iPhone 7 Plus. The processor is extremely thin, thanks to the new packaging InFO technique used by TSMC. Just this technique has convinced Apple to prefer TSMC to Samsung. After the guys from iFixit have shown us the cutting both the Apple Watch Series 2 and the 5.5 model, the iPhone 7 Plus, it’s time to meet inside the 4.7-inch model hand Chipworks .

Whatever node is being used, the A10 processor is incredibly thin, giving credibility to the reports that TSMC’s InFO packaging technique is being used.

The A10 sits below the Samsung K3RG1G10CM 2-GB LPDDR4 memory. This is similar to the low power mobile DRAM as the one we found in the iPhone 6s. Looking at the X-rays we see the four dies are not stacked, but are spread out across the package. This arrangement keeps the overall package height to a minimum. Assembled in a package-on-package assembly with the A10 InFO packaging technique reduces the total height of PoP significantly.

The RAM, however, is the Samsung K3RG1G10CM 2 GB LPDDR4. The four stamens of the RAM are not overlapped, since they are divided throughout the pack. This arrangement allows to reduce the thickness. Confirmed by the 1960 mAh battery. Side cellular modem, the version for AT&T was made by Intel. Other devices, however, mountainous Qualcomm modem.

2 GB of RAM in the iPhone 7


Chipworks also confirmed visually that the 4.7-inch model has 2 GB of RAM, compared to 3GB of his older brother, the 7 Plus. The memory chip is manufactured by Samsung and is low consumption, similar to incorporating the 6s.

Intel, Hynix and Toshiba also provide chips

Regarding communications iPhone 7 Chipworks shows a total of three chips transmitters / receivers. With them, the chip responsible for energy management, all signed by Intel.

iPhone 7 battery 

As for the battery, this has to 3,8V 1960 mAh and supplied by Apple 2 hours of autonomy compared to the iPhone 6s, whose battery was 1810 mAh.

Chipworks continues to work in his lab to give us more details of other parts of the iPhone 7 and which seems to be one of the major players, your camera. Appreciate more details on their official website.

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