Apple is putting all its efforts on the upcoming launch of its new generation of terminals iPhone is no longer news to anyone. But what we do is we can surprise with the amount of rumors do not stop to arise about this new mobile.

Few weeks ago, there was a  talk about the possibility of an alliance between two giants like Intel and that firm bite of the apple to make the next terminal of the second reach higher than that of its predecessors wireless speeds, something that has not been disproved by any of the parties.

It appeared that Apple was planning to upgrade the LTE modem for iPhone 7, to which it had contacted Intel and thereby replace Qualcomm as the only supplier of chips for the next generation of the product. But recent rumors that have come to light vary somewhat this statement. Now there is speculation that Intel will not replace entirely to Qualcomm for the iPhone 7 might actually be working together in the manufacture of components, so some versions of the device will come with LTE modems Intel while others mounted on Qualcomm.

The truth is that these new rumors do not follow the lines of indirect launched by Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf, in recent weeks, which pointed to his company would lose a big contract this year. However various sources suggest that Apple wants to offer different versions of the iPhone chips 7 different markets depending on where it will be distributed.

Thus there is talk that you are installing the Intel chip in the iPhone in July allegedly for units sold for the AT&T company and other international markets. On the other hand the models implemented alternative Qualcomm will go on sale for Verizon customers well in China. It is true that at the moment there seems to be large differences between the two chips, but the funny thing is that initially everything that Intel was the favorite to sign with Apple thanks to its 7360 LTE modem.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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