To be clear,  this is just a rumor floating on the web from information collected on Weibo. Explained this, and always according to this rumor, the iPhone 7 will include inside all the changes that will not include in its design, starting with a camera 21Mp. If we take for good some of the recent leaks, like this one, the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 camera will be bigger than the current model and, for that reason, we all expect a major update at this point.

Moreover, the iPhone 7 Plus or Pro 7 camera would have two lenses 12Mp, so it would have to wait to see what we have in September to decide on a model or the other. It is clear that the iPhone 7 5.5 inches would offer options not available in the 4.7-inch model, such as the ability to focus after taking a picture or make a 3D simulation. In any case, according to this rumor, both devices have a much better than the iPhone 6s camera.

This rumor also brings two other good news, starting with the connector: the most controversial novelty is expected to present in September will be the elimination of the 3.5mm headphone port. Everything indicates that we have to connect the headphone port Lightning or use a Bluetooth model, but this rumor says that Apple would have decided to do what really is best for everyone (except for their own coffers) and use the future standard: Type-C USB in which the port would also be used for fast charging. We recall that the USB Type-C is a connector that is said to be born in Cupertino while investigating to create the Lightning and Apple standardized donating to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

As for storage, the rumor says that yes, there will be a 32GB model, another 128GB and one 256GB, but the entry model will remain the 16GB. Personally, I do not quite fit the differences are of x4 from 32GB and will continue having a chance to 16GB, but stranger things have come to us from Cupertino (as the case battery hump, a design that never I understand).

3GB of RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus model

RAM would be another point of debate, staying on 2GB for the iPhone 7 and up to 3GB on iPhone 7 Plus. This is something that has already considered some analyst who gave as the reason for increased RAM in the largest model processing images taken with dual camera.

As always, we will have to wait to see if the iPhone 7 Plus includes some of the features that ensures this rumor. All rumors will be put to rest in mid-September 2016.

(via Mobipicker)

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