If there are no surprises, the iPhone 7 will be presented in about 5 month. By the end of April, from now rumors will increase in number and frequency until the day of his presentation and even start to see real components of next smartphone apple. One rumor says that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof and dustproof, which is not surprising if we consider the water resistance that already has the iPhone 6s.

No physical Home button would be the first time on iPhone – but a soft-touch button much more similar to those found on Android devices. A button that, at the same time, clearly would host the sensor for fingerprint recognition. It is not the first time that we talk about the removal of the Home button on a new iPhone: already in 2015, in fact, Apple seemed to be working on a new technology that would enable them to integrate the biometric sensor “under the screen” option that would possible to do without the physical Home button.

For months, the average DigiTimes already talked about this possibility and now focuses on a point of the iPhone that is present from the first model, a start button that many users prefer it were not present. According to DigiTimes, the iPhone home button 7 will be pressure sensitive, which could mean that would be the same level as the front panel.

Not the first time that some means talking about an iPhone without home button, but whenever it has been said in the past, as you have seen, has not been successful. Although there are different information that ensures that next year will launch a different iPhone, Apple has always released a new design every two years, so the iPhone 7 should include some development in this regard. It is not unreasonable to think that launching an iPhone without home button, this may be the iPhone 7.

In any case, DigiTimes succeeds almost as much as their predictions fail, so you do not have to rely too heavily on their information, although it says that it comes from the supply chain of Apple. Until the iPhone 7 is officially presented, we can not give virtually no information for good, if not tell that to the 12Mpx iPhone 5s.

(Source: DigiTimes [Google Translate])

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