To date we have seen many models and parts of the impending iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Of this we had even had a chance to see it in the occasional video, but the model with 5.5-inch display had not disclosed any video, until today. And it is that a known leaks of Apple products has left see a cut video clip in which the iPhone 7 Plus supposedly appears in operation.

Just today, within a week, we will have the opportunity to attend the official presentation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus expected. This was confirmed by Apple itself with sending the first invitations to the press. However, until that happens, we still have time to check how the leaks continue to make mischief. On the latter occasion it is the iPhone 7 Plus does the protagonist and through a video for the first time.

The presentation of the iPhone 7 will take place on September 7. More leaks before the presentation of the new iPhone 7

The truth is that at this point we accumulate lot of multimedia material that gives us an inkling of how it will look like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The second is perhaps the most characteristic since, in addition to its larger screen will differ, by incorporating a dual rear camera. A system perceives first view occupy a larger section of the housing.

However, then we can see the iPhone 7 Plus video, which to date had not happened. It is rather a clip of just a few seconds that has filtered through Twitter Sonny Dickson, an old known by the trade press since gained fame with accurate leaks about the novel iPhone 6. That is, perhaps, the main reason for we can give some credibility to this video because under normal circumstances might well be a fake because of its brevity.

New details about the iPhone 7 Plus and more news about the new Apple Watch. At that moment the video showing a series of iPhones can be seen at first glance 5.5-inch screen, which the author himself is responsible for confirming as iPhone 7 Plus to show the back of the latter. In that split the video shows how the camera appears with two modules, one of the hallmarks of the new signature model of Apple.

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