iphonesThe arrival on the market of new models of iPhone and iOS is lower than the samples collected during the last two years. Despite being a model with improvements in key areas such as performance, camera and battery, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus seem to be having a lower initial release which had its predecessors, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

After completing the initial launch in more countries than ever before, according to data collected by Fiksu within the sample applications that use its platform, only 0.7% of the iPhone on the market are the new model. Last year this figure was 1.4% in 2015 with the iPhone 6s, and 2.1% in 2014 with the introduction for the first time two different models.

Apple, which this year has decided not to report the number of iPhones sold during the launch weekend, has suffered supply problems -especially last time the “Plus” model – which could explain part of the decline in comparative sales, and not be available on the day of launch in Verizon stores in the United States. A larger base of iPhones on the market compared to one or two years could explain elsewhere, but even taking into account these factors, it seems to be having less sales.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus prices in the UK and US:

  • iPhone 7 | 32GB | £599 / $649
  • iPhone 7 | 128GB | £699 / $749
  • iPhone 7 | 256GB | £799 / $849
  • iPhone 7 Plus | 32GB | £719 / $769
  • iPhone 7 Plus | 128GB | £819 / $869
  • iPhone 7 Plus | 256GB | £919 / $969

Meanwhile, the new iOS 10 firmware is also having a slower adoption versions launched last year and last. iOS has 10 has a setup fee on all iPhone 26%, compared with 38% who had iOS 9-7 days lunging, and even less than 28% of iOS 8.

iOS 10 is available for the iPhone models as old as the iPhone 5 launched in 2013, whose owners are claiming to have noticeable performance improvement on their devices.

Mixpanel data, an independent sample shows a more pronounced growth: 34% by day 19, but still maintaining below its measurements last year for iOS 9, which was 43% of devices past the same days of release.

Bigger And Better Screen Resolution

The bigger the better, right?  The iPhone 7 is easier to fit in a pocket or in a bag, but watch content on a larger screen is definitely better. Possibly for this it is that the 5.5-inch screen iPhone 7 Plus can offer a better experience than the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone 7.

Also, the iPhone 7 Plus has screen with a resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels vs. 1,334×750 pixels) and (401ppp vs 326ppp) of pixel density , which makes it better the the iPhone 7.

More RAM


RAM is not everything in one device, although it gives a better experience when you run many apps at once. While the iPhone 7 has 2GB of RAM,  the iPhone 7 Plus has 3GB of RAM, which makes is better

Better Battery Life

The iPhone 7 Plus has  a 2900mAh battery that is  greater than the the iPhone 7 with 1960mAh . Although not all capacity, capacity its predecessor lasted really superior to his brother battery and expect it to be exactly like this year. Even batteries of the iPhone 7 will also mark an increase compared to the iPhone 6S (1715mAh regular and 6s Plus 2750mAh).

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