Water resistance tests have shown that the iPhone 7 behaves very well in contact with water and other liquids. But what if we compare it with a Samsung Galaxy S7, what would be the result?

The first difference to point out the official certification: the first is IP67, the second IP68. A level of resistance to dust represented by the number “6”, then, iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 are equal and provide superior protection. No particle of dust should be able to scratch the shell of the phones, nor to enter in the internal circuits. The second number represents the protection against water. 7 is a good result and means that the iPhone 7 is able to “survive” up to a depth of one meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. We can safely use the iPhone 7 in the shower and under a consistent rain. An overturned drink incidentally on the iPhone 7 will not cause any kind of damage. The Galaxy S7 instead reaches a score of 8. This means that it resists in water for 30 minutes, but up to a depth of 1.5 meters. For the rest, no other difference.


In this test, iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 were immersed deepe in  water. Both emerge from the water without any damage, either from 1 meter, both from the depth of 1.5 meters, which officially should not protect the iPhone 7. The first signs of failure are noted at the depth of 9 meters and for 5 minutes in duration. The Galaxy S7 restarts automatically, while the Home button on the iPhone 7 begins to show signs of slowing. Both devices, however, continue to operate. Surpassing the 10 meters, however, the Galaxy S7 display stops working, even if there are still few signs of life. For example, the camera flash still works, like the blue LED on the front of the device.

The iPhone 7 does not seem to give up altogether even exceeded 10 meters, although you notice the first problems in the bottom of the display. The water has now entered into the device, even if everything, including the touchscreen, continues to work perfectly. Even the Home key, despite some small problem of sensitivity, still does his duty. In short, the Apple device still works quite well and, despite a “less certification” than the Galaxy S7, it exceeds various tests.

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