iPhone 8 Case Leaked Reveals Vertical Dual-Camera


iphone-8-case (1)

This time what leaked is an image of a sheath totally clear case of the iPhone 8 in which you can clearly see that the back does not have the possibility to add the Touch ID.

In this case it must be said that it is a case that could mark or define clearly the continuation design of the next model of iPhone if we focus a little more on the rest of the details apart from the absence of a hole for the Touch ID Can be used from the rear.

Seeing the photo what is clear is that the part of the cameras would definitely be placed vertically and not horizontally as they are to date. This that does not just like many users has a clear motive for change, normally the photos and videos are made with the iPhone in horizontal, so when you turn the same the cameras are “badly placed” if they change the position of these one Turn the iPhone horizontally the cameras will be perfectly placed.


The overall look of the case seems to fit perfectly with the current iPhone 7, speaker and micro holes on the bottom, side and top buttons or connector space look identical to the ones we have on The present. This makes us wonder if Apple really will launch this model so different that we all expect or will be a full 7S and 7S Plus iPhone.

Finally the Touch ID in this case could not be used in the back and therefore some of the schemes filtered to date are nothing. Nor can we say that this case is from Apple and therefore it is impossible to confirm anything officially, but come on, rumors, leaks and other, do not decline.

(Source: @kksneakleaks [Twitter])

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