Following numerous rumors regarding iPhone 8, today Benjamin Gesking, iDropNews of designers, has published new render, which portray the highly anticipated Apple device into a new form, that does not disappoints the expectations, but remains steadfast to reality.

Broadly speaking, most rumors and prognostics of specialists point to the launch of an iPhone model that will feature a somewhat larger screen, 5.8 inches, from edge to edge, OLED, without Home physical button and curve in its Larger sides. However, now a growing number of sources are betting on a flat screen, not curved, for that iPhone “Edition”.



After months of considering that Apple is going to launch an iPhone with OLED screen from edge to edge and curve, this time it turns out that more and more “sources” opt for the maintenance of a completely flat screen, as we have now since That the first iPhone saw The Light a decade ago.

Keeping the lines of the supposed iPhone 8, this concept reproduce a edge-to-edge screen, however, leaves room for the front camera and the speaker, although the latter was rather small compared to the models that we all know. Even the bottom of the display would maintain the “function area” rumor, which thus remain available to the user, as is the case for TouchBar new Macbook Pro. Just this area could then include the sensor for the detection of fingerprints and Home button.


Meanwhile, popular analyst KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo and Chinese research firm TrendForce have also recently pointed out that the upcoming Apple iPhone star will have a 2.5D cover, referring to the slightly curved edges present since the advent of iPhone 6.

The Wall Street Journal recently said that Apple’s next high-end iPhone will have a curved display, but did not reveal further details, while the Korea Herald also said the device will have a curved OLED display based on a flexible plastic substrate in Place of glass that is normally used for flat screens.

Kuo and IHS Markit analyst Kevin Wang previously opined that the 5.8-inch iPhone would have a curved display similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge, but now their opinions have been reversed, probably because it is believed that Apple has already tested the Less than a dozen iPhone prototypes this year.


Japanese website Nikkei Asian Review and Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis have also pointed to the possibility of an iPhone with a curved display in the past, so there is clearly a division of opinions.

Since MacRumors pointed to the possibility that when reports refer to a “curved” display, they actually refer to the 2.5D glass cover. In addition, given the flexible properties of OLED, perhaps some reports simply assume that the next iPhone will have a curved display, when without this it will be so.

(Source: iDropNews)

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