iPhone 8 Concept Shows Software Controls Across Home Button


iPhone 8 concept


This year in  anticipated  for the launch of the next iPhone in June this year and as well as  celebrating the tenth anniversary, Apple will present its next smartphone. But that still lacks a lot of time for the launch of a new iPhone does not make the designers stop to imagine how the device will be and here we bring you a new concept of iPhone 8 with some interesting things.

The concept has been created by ConceptsiPhone and published on YouTube: this “futuristic” iPhone still has a slot reserved for the Touch ID, although it is also true that the new start button also Would be able to show pictures. What we would have liked here is that the Touch ID was part of the screen in its entirety, that is, there was no change in the relief of it.

As for the “or” as we will explain later, screen we can also see something interesting and we expect to see in the final model of the iPhone presented this year: the screen reaches the upper and lower ends, thus taking full advantage of the screen Which is now wasted. The margin seen in both on the sides, the top and bottom is a size similar to the one on an iPhone 7 Plus, something we would also like to see reduced this September.

As we mentioned, another interesting point of this concept of iPhone 8 is that it would have two screens, one front and one behind. Personally and even if it was very colorful, I would prefer that a mobile phone presented both pages on the same screen and if it was necessary to change something, this change will reach the software level. It’s hard to imagine using a 5.5-inch iPhone with one hand.

This concept of iPhone 8 still has another point that catches the eye: the volume buttons and mute switch seem to be tactile, which has its good things and its bad things. As a positive part we have the design, but the negative part we will understand if we ask: what would happen to this iPhone 8 if we had to force a reboot? As has been demonstrated with the iPhone 7, if the button is not mechanical, this process can not be performed.

The curious part of this concept is seen on the second 47: after going round and round on itself showing that it has two screens that come from end to end, we see an earlier image in which we can perfectly appreciate something that seems to have forgotten , the camera. The logo could be seen if the screen on the back was OLED and showed a black background with a lighter logo, but the camera can not be made to disappear magically.

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