Rumors about the iPhone 8 still spinning on the web every day. This time, Apple’s expected release of the premium iPhone model was leaked to a significant extent this year. The leaked iPhone 8’s screen looks slightly curved and made of stainless steel, wrapped around the edges of the device. None of the devices have a physical home screen button and the Touch ID located at the back. So the only thing you can say from the way out of the picture is that the Touch ID is integrated into the screen and the main screen with a virtual button.

These leakages came from Twitter user Benjamin Geskin. This strengthens the possibility that the devices in the images are real. The devices in the following photographs are not equipped with the software yet and are hardware deficient, so we can easily remove it because the next chassis after the CNC process is among leaked photographs. Another noteworthy detail is that the Apple logo on the back of many photo devices is missing.

It is very important that these precious photographs match up with a look that we have seen so far. It is especially important that the dual double rear camera is positioned vertically, not horizontally. Looking at the front of the device, it is not possible to distinguish the equipment such as proximity sensor. Voice buttons, power button, silent button and SIM card input are positioned as in the current iPhone.

In this dummy iPhone, there is also the Touch ID on the back, an element that has not yet been sufficiently clear: there are those who assume that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated underneath the screen, suggests it could be mounted at the back Of the device, ultimately, is inclined for a complete elimination of the same in view of a more accurate, fast and secure recognition of the face. On this aspect of the device, however, there is nothing but certainties.


For the rest, the design of the alleged iPhone 8 seems similar to the very first iPhone. The board seems to be in steel and there is no particular changes to the classic elements that are all in place . Perhaps the only element that seems “upgraded” to previous iPhone is the ignition key that appears slightly longer. Unfortunately, the top and bottom of the device are not shown, so we are unable to evaluate the presence of changes on the device’s short sides.

The screen seems to have slightly curved edges, but it does not bend in the Galaxy S8 style, so to speak. The curve looks pretty much the same (2.5D) as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. However, there seems to be an identical curvature on the back of the device, a detail that could improve the ergonomics of the smartphone in hand. We have not said it yet, but if it is not clear from the photos, the back of the device should be made of glass, at least according to the truthfulness of the schematic leaked these days and on which this mockup is based.


Along with these photos, the iPhone 8 was leaked in new technical drawings. On the front of the device there are a number of components hidden under the screen. The red outline shows where the frame is and approximately where the OLED display starts. There is also detail in the technical drawings where the front speakers are located. These images are certainly very exciting, pointing to the iPhone model coming with a unique design revision to iPhone 7. Still, there is no concrete evidence of how exactly iPhone 8 will look.

According to many leaks, the iPhone 8 is claimed to have a front-end camera with 3D sensing capability, wireless charging capability, 3GB of RAM, a 5.8-inch 521 PPI OLED screen and more. With this premium iPhone model, it is expected to be introduced this fall on updated devices following iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

(Source: Appleinsider)

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